Dual Teacher ESL Program


Dual Teacher ESL Program (DTEP) is an integrated teaching method of Knowledge input and acquisition output to meet the requirements of China National New English curriculum. Assisted by classroom Chinese Teacher, ESL teachers teach by video the practical English speaking, listening, reading and writing, using the lesson plans prepared according to the standard Chinese textbooks.

The lessons include k-12, university, sister school exchange and teacher training programs. The usual weekly teaching schedule is as follows:

I Kindergarten: 2,3, or 4 ESL teachers’ class followed by 1 or 2 Chinese teachers’ ;

II Primary, Middle and High School: 2,3, or 4 Chinese teachers’ class followed by 1 or 2 ESL teachers’ ;

III University: Test preparation class of listening, reading, speaking and writing by ESL teachers; Practical English (Academic, Social, Student Society, Business and Employee).

IV Sister School Exchange Program: Termly Dual Teacher Cultural Classes by both schools;

V Teacher training seminars: Termly Teacher exchange meetings and programs.

Being different from the 1v1 online English programs, DTEC is a classroom program with an encouraging and lovely group learning module by way of acquisition. Full of dialogues, singing, performance and games, the ESL teachers of native speakers will ensure students learn English with standardized pronunciation, tune and fluency of language, understand English culture more completely and think more critically, thus master real practical English. The English learners will become English speakers gradually. These classes will help students improve not only their learning performances but also their daily English skills.

DTEP is designed, implemented and evaluated on the base of IB English teaching system by leading English educators from UC San Diego and several provincial English research institutions. It is an online and offline classroom taught around many cities in the world. DTEP is very helpful for those schools with shortage of English teachers, especially Foreign ESL teachers to improve its English teaching.

There are several DTEP teaching research centers in US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and China, and learning centers in about 20 cities in the world.